It was all a dream!

I have a dream of free world, a world that I’m free on the internet,a world where I’m not being control or persuade, a world that I can share my work but not in the capitalism way, a world that I can trust in the newspapers, a world that I’m not being supervise for every search that I do.

I have the idea that I’m not the only one ( at least I hope I’m not). In this module we learn a lot about how the things work and we wake up from our numb state, I talk by my point of view, but I was not aware of the fake freedom that we have, the illusion of choice this things that happens in the media.

I was so in to it, agree with things that I didn’t read, giving access to all my privacy and I didn’t notice, that was terrible, because the time they get your privacy, is the time they can control you.

That was the scariest thing that I ever realise, not controlling my life. That was the time that I wake up of that dream that the life was beautiful, and I start to get septic.

It’s a shame but it was all a dream.Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset


Copyrights well…

when I was young I used to think that copyrights was to protect the authors, now I change my mind about it, it’s just about money and the Capitalism world.

So copyrights give the creator exclusive rights for the work, for the use of it and the distribution. Well  if we think about capitalism is not that different concept, basically capitalism is an system based on private ownerships creating profit about it. So is really not that different is it? Capitalism depends of the copyrights, without that law would be impossible to the capitalism develop like it develop in the last 100 years. Maybe I’m getting to deep,but is not capitalism the way that controls you, because its manage by the people that haver the money, so we just see what the want us to see, is a away that control us and we don’t notice.

 In the ends it’s all about money, of you live in the world without money do you will need the copyrights? probably not.

Copyrights start as a way to protect the author but nowadays, is just another way to control the 99% of population.

Big Business, Copyright and the Artist.

Big Business, Copyright and the Artist.

Can I be invisible?

The online visibility is something that you make, you can be invisible if you don’t have an online life, is not my case, but I know people that is really unlikely to find something about them online.

Not all my information is out there, of course i have social media, but you don’t find my Facebook on google, but you will find my Linkedin.

I don’t have all my information out there, because I was not born in a digital era, for example, my childhood is most of it in files, in a basic school, in the hospital, in the scouts, things that happened there is going to be almost impossible for you to know anything about, even if you are the best hacker in the world most of this files are in paper.

In this new era this is Impossible, because since someone borns all the information is digital, all the medic records, school records, where you live, where you vote, all that stuff are in the internet, with your full name I can get access to that, and not talking about Facebook post our twitter, that it’s possible to see what you been up to in the past years.

Now a days you can’t be invisible, but you can make it harder to find you or your things on the internet, for example, having different names on twitter or Facebook, don’t use the same mail accounts, and other examples, to sharing your world with the people that you want.

So no I can’t be invisible but there are people that can, I have a challenge for you people, try to find my mom or/and my dad, the name is Ana Paula Tavares Pereira and António Braima Baldé, and here are photos from them.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

WOW !!!!

I know that after this post I’m going be the nerd of the class but it’s fine, World of Warcraft was and I think it still is one of the largest online community based on a game.

For the people that don’t know short long story, you control an avatar character that explores a world like the Lord of The Rings, if you didn’t saw it…well imagine.

WoW (World of Warcraft) was realise in 2004 and since them it became a world class online community, that made people with the same interest interact with people from every part of the world, and didn’t miss is point of entertainment.

They have 5.5 million subscribers (guilty), this game is so big that already was part of a C.S.I episode and they going to have a film this year, this because was the one of the first massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

For me this is the best example of online community, because people are there because they share the same interest, the game and you can contact with people and get to know much more. there are cases of people that became real life friends and people that get married and they met in the game.

WoW was a new step in the Online community, this was the first step to really understand the globalisation and how to put everyone with the same interest talking to each other, a masterpiece.WOW1

Bins of information

There’s a place on the internet that you can be a part of it, a place that you can add more information if you know about the subject, this place is a place that we all know about it and sometimes we don’t trust what is on that place, but in the end we all use it.

I’m talking about the Wikipedia, this is the place that get is reputation because of that, as a normal user of the Internet you can go there and add information.

In the beginning there was not a really a supervision of what people wrote in there, but now is more controlled and you can’t write whatever you want there, and you have to be a Wikipedia user to.

The truth is that they made the things difficult for people to post something, making that way more trustful for the readers, but everyone still can put facts, of course you can’t write your own opinion in that is not a blog, but a information website.

Is incredible  that all most of the information on the Wikipedia is for other person like you, just write something, present the facts and is in one of the most used online encyclopaedia.

Wikipedia is like a bin full of information, using it you find a lot of information that is not trustworthy but in the middle of that you find some good references.

first world problems

Will you survive without a smartphone?

I know is a “cliche” talk, but a smartphone is a tool of now a days work, we need it for everything that we do, from the basics things ( as alarm) to really specific things ( the london stock exchanges).

Now a days we using a smartphone for everything, we can do stuff on the phone that 15 years ago we need another gadgets for that, like a camera to film, one to take pictures, one MP3 to listen music, an agenda, lots of things. This is the ultimate convergence, it puts everything together in your hand.

Now this is a good thing? I don’t know , it seems that we depend in one gadget to do a lot o things , that in the 90’s we can do it without, I’m talking about normal things like getting up , now a days most of the people need the phone to wake up, literally if the phone is dead the alarm doesn’t go on an people don’t wake up.

The smartphones are the convergence , you can’t live without one,almost everything you need it’s in there ( it doesn’t give money yet).

I just write this post in my smartphone, this is the best example. So I wouldn’t survive without one.Latest smartphone development cartoon


We are in a multimedia world, that all the information we have today is just a “click” away.

I found this really good blog, don’t  just talk about the subjects that we learn, but also other interesting subjects, as political economy, software, marketing, small businesses and a lot more

The name of the blog is Stuff I think and is the co-founder of BuildZoom Jiyan Wei, it starts his career in a small PR agency, where he built products to monitor and analyse online activity for a large number of corporations, he has a lot of articles in Magazines as Visibility Magazine, Search Engine Watch, and a lot more.

This is really a good blog, the information is easy top find, and for us media students theres a part in the menu, it cals mediapedia and there all the information that fulfilled our needs, but theres a lot of usual information all over the blog.

I chose this blog because he is really interesting person, that knows how to write and put the subjects in a easy way to understand, putting the resources there to what is amazing, as so the other subjects are cool if you want to know about it.