WOW !!!!

I know that after this post I’m going be the nerd of the class but it’s fine, World of Warcraft was and I think it still is one of the largest online community based on a game.

For the people that don’t know short long story, you control an avatar character that explores a world like the Lord of The Rings, if you didn’t saw it…well imagine.

WoW (World of Warcraft) was realise in 2004 and since them it became a world class online community, that made people with the same interest interact with people from every part of the world, and didn’t miss is point of entertainment.

They have 5.5 million subscribers (guilty), this game is so big that already was part of a C.S.I episode and they going to have a film this year, this because was the one of the first massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

For me this is the best example of online community, because people are there because they share the same interest, the game and you can contact with people and get to know much more. there are cases of people that became real life friends and people that get married and they met in the game.

WoW was a new step in the Online community, this was the first step to really understand the globalisation and how to put everyone with the same interest talking to each other, a masterpiece.WOW1


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