The Evolution

The story of internet is really large and interesting, the way that develops to the what we know now about the internet is amazing. In less than a century is incredible that we are all connecting with a big part of the world with just a click or a touch.

One of the most interesting things is the way that it starts, as a small thing, the Arpanet, that start just a simple network between the UCLA and Stanford, and then that simple network system develop to the internet nowadays. Nobody knew in the 70’s that would be possible have a video chat from London to Tokyo using the internet.

This is the most amazing thing of the internet story , the development, where the imagination bring us to this globalisation world, nobody tough that today because Arpanet we are could be all connected.

The evolution of the internet was one of the fastest in the history, taking just 47 years since Arpanet till the moment we are now,  that is one of the incredible things in history, how this technology developed so fast and how nowadays it’s a system that we all depend on (at least people that have access to them).

If in 47 years the internet develops to this point, how it’s going to be in the next 47 years?


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  1. Isn’t that mazing! in less than 50 years the internet has changed drastically. That makes me think, what would the internet be like in another 50 years! Who knows, we might be able to literally enter the screen and transport to another place! That would be great, say bye to expensive plane tickets!

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