ResearchKit : a new health care from Apple

More and more people use connected personal objects—so-called “wearables”—to collect information about themselves and positively impact their lives. Currently, wristband monitors and mobile apps track performance metrics. The next generation will be more integrated and reveal valuable new fitness patterns. On the other end of the spectrum is an array of implanted medical devices creating new opportunities to serve patients by dispensing medications, providing electronic and motor stimuli and monitoring critical biometrics.

ResearchKit is a new health care app come from Apple .It is an open source framework introduced by Apple that enables your iOS app to become a powerful tool for medical research. Easily create visual consent flows, real-time dynamic active tasks, and surveys using a variety of customizable modules that you can build upon and share with the community.


Audience participation in theater

Theater is the performance of a drama (play) on a stage in front of an audience. But today , the traditional theater is out of fashion . We know that old ,stale products not only taste bad , they are also much less effective. Nowadays , there is a new theater mode that is named Interactive theatre .

Interactive theatre is a presentational or theatrical form or work that breaks the “fourth wall” that traditionally separates the performer from the audience both physically and verbally. In traditional theatre, performance is limited to a designated stage area and the action of the play unfolds without any interplay with audience members, who function as passive observers.How Interactive TheaterCan Create Institutional Change University of California Television (UCTV)

Media Convergence : Network Set-up Box

Nowadays, the Internet plays a very important role in people’s life . The Internet drive the technology revolution of the past five years . Set-up box is produced by the combination of television and the Internet .

A set-top box is a device that enables a television set to become a user interface to the Internet and also enables a television set to receive and decode digital television (DTV) broadcasts. DTV set-top boxes are sometimes called receivers. A set-top box is necessary to television viewers who wish to use their current analog television sets to receive digital broadcasts. It is estimated that 35 million homes will use digital set-top boxes by the end of 2006, the estimated year ending the transition to DTV.

Therefore , what are the advantages of set-up box ? In my opinion , there are tow things that are good for audiences . Firstly , set-up box means money saved . People can download thousands of drama , film or TV show to set-up boxs , you will always have something free to  watch . Secondly , “watch what we want , when we want “, it’s means people can use network set-up box to watching TV online . In other words , the content and time are depend on audiences .

Formation of the Broad Community

  • The Internet is as much a collection of communities as a collection of technologies, and its success is largely attributable to both satisfying basic community needs as well as utilizing the community in an effective way to push the infrastructure forward. This community spirit has a long history beginning with the early ARPANET. Likewise, the Packet Satellite, Packet Radio and several other DARPA computer science research programs were multi-contractor collaborative activities that heavily used whatever available mechanisms there were to coordinate their efforts, starting with electronic mail and adding file sharing, remote access, and eventually World Wide Web capabilities. Each of these programs formed a working group, starting with the ARPANET Network Working Group. Because of the unique role that ARPANET played as an infrastructure supporting the various research programs, as the Internet started to evolve, the Network Working Group evolved into Internet Working Group .
  • The growth in the commercial sector brought with it increased concern regarding the standards process itself. Starting in the early 1980’s and continuing to this day, the Internet grew beyond its primarily research roots to include both a broad user community and increased commercial activity. Increased attention was paid to making the process open and fair.