Internet: The Good The Bad The Ugly

They ask us to not use our phones, but they don’t understand, they are the generation who produced them. It’s almost as funny as asking us not smoke but still they have enormous factories manufacturing them. In a world full of puns, banters and ironies we submerge ourselves in fantasies hoping to catch someone’s attention and re-branding our image, a person being pretentious online is scream to make them feel better offline, who can blame them? Social media is a second chance to life, {and maybe more with different usernames}.

90's kid

Not long ago, our generation shifted from “the 90’s kids” are cool, who would use plastic cups to talk across the room, Fashion inspired by the Spice girls, who remembered the single chewing gum flavour that apparently each kid from every corner of the world used to chew to being any other regular generation, (no offence to the 20’s kids) . We ourselves talk about the “fake-ism” online. But are we really unsullied? The ‘internet’ was a revolution, and still in process. We stray from real life conversations to get home, home to our rut, a rut where we watch movies online or stare at the computer screen for hours see what is trending, not news, but clothes and celebrities. I say this because I am a part of this routine. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have dinner’s or go to parties or have a real academic conversation with other people. It is all a matter of priorities, in the 50’s they used the birds to send messages, we use the phone. Unfortunately, phones stay with us 24/7 but birds don’t. In all seriousness: Can we balance our social media life vs real life? How long can you go without using any electronic devices?





  1. I really think we can find a balance between both of our lives, the personal and the Internet one.
    The online trends we see are not blocking real conversations, some are even implementing them. Naturally, if someone posts every little update of what is happening in his life, the next conversations with friends won’t be as interesting as having that “surprise” effect.
    I am scared and curious to know what the next generations will look life, but from my perspective it is and always will be different according to every individual approach.

    (I love the headline by the way)

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  2. I think we still try to find a balance in between, the problem is the society that we live now a days is always connect , and as a part of that society we have to be connected to 24/7. How many conversations did you had about some post or some video and you don’t know or didn’t watched. Basically we impose us to know more, nobody wants to be left out of what’s happening in the world , so in this society is impossible to live without a electronic device and without internet.


  3. It’s hard to not always want to be connected. I feel as if it is our human nature to be in constant communication or we get depressed. Whether face-to-face or over the internet we are still interacting with the world. This has created the FOMO affect. Every one is in constant fear of missing out on something. I think people are more inclined to do things now because of social media. Yeah the generation before us was constantly playing outside but i think our generation is definitely traveling more and trying new things because of the internet. I’ve already been to more countries than my parents and grandparents.


  4. I agree to what you’re saying about being connected to our digital devices at all times, and having the need to be online all the time. I found it interesting what you said about us being stuck in a ‘rut’. I agree, even on the way home we are always on our phones, almost 24/7. And to compare it to the days when being online all the time wasn’t that important, we even communicate with each other differently.


  5. i believe it its totally dependent on the person as to whether or not they can find the balance. Many of us now you could class as having an addiction to our phones. other generations don’t understand and believe we are mindlessly tapping away, our whole lives are on these tiny devises which is why we have them in our hands 24/7. i personally cant imagine my life in 2016 without my phone.


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