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I think all of those that what we are analysis  come from the internet, without internet we got nothing, in modern society, every information connect to the net, the Internet has made it easy for people to communicate with others because it is cheap and convenient and is also easily to sharing information with each other.

So i would like to analysis more about the online communicates, now we have many communication tools.Richard Branson says: “if you do something, let people know.” The Internet is no longer just a place of content. It is the latest technological breakthrough in communication following the telegraph and the telephone. Internet users are able to communicate with each other from all around the world instantaneously. With the necessary tools, users can share photos, send virtual birthday and Christmas cards and develop better relationships with family and friends.

Internet is a wonderful stage to show yourself, or even just a chat tools, indeed, it is very useful.Although some  network hackers cheat customer information to do something bad, can not hide the network brings more benefits to human.If we If we pay more attention to the privacy of personal Internet , it will be endless benefits.


Online visibility

It is generally accepted that we are ‘sharing’ in the same space, because of internet.Online visibility could be different for each person.

I prefer use Facebook and Instagram to share my life, I usually like to share some funny videos rather than what i do today, I think most of people want to watch more interesting and meaningful stories rather than yourself. Also my profile is open, everyone can see that. I think that is fine for me and is also a good way to know and communicate with others.

I would like to play some online game, for example the League of Legends  and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with you rank up it is also can let more people know you , once i was playing the game when someone saw my name he immediately notices that it was mine.That is  very interesting,and next time you can play with them.

However, you personal information is open, it could have more risk, your account can be hacked even your credit card, so i won’t share any issues related to privacy. Instagram is a good place to sharing, because it can not chat with each other,you only can leave the comment under the picture. It is a good and safe stage to show yourself.





































There is no doubt that Facebook is a great stage of an online communities, everyone have their own space to share or link their favorites things.It is also a good way to introduce our self and let more people know who we are.

If you are creating online content and looking to build a community, you have to get active on Facebook in your niche. Sharing the content of others. Sharing your content.

Facebook is not only for online communities , also a spaces that allowed people to interact, collaborate, share content, and learn from each other.As we know, every online communities not just provide a way to community,some people post helpful information on a regular basis to online business communities. When someone becomes regularly involved in contributing useful information in company discussions, the person can gain a good reputation in that community

People join communities because it offers them a benefit and most of the time, it can share your  joys and sorrows to other people at anytime.In addition, some customers may discuss their personal interests and everyday lives.I mean this is a good stage to share and community.

Although some of them do not often share with their parents, they want to have more personal space. You can set access rights :P.

I would like to talk Youtube for a great example of audience participation.It provide a wide stage for people to share and communicate with each other and post something interesting videos and spread positive energy .

In modern world, every minute, there were 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube. It visits after Google and Facebook.
YouTube is sometimes praised for the promotion of democracy, education incentives, sometimes as full of cat videos and user reviews tiresome been criticised. But its influence is no doubt. Whether militants or terrorists, politicians or singers, even a variation giant spider dog owner, anyone in the world can be free to upload video, and its 100 million users to see.

For instance, if the internet has already heralded the demise of advertising. Forced to watch their TV commercials, people choose to watch online without interruption drama, comedy and funny videos. Interestingly, in 2014 on YouTube hits the top ten non-music video category, there are four ads.

Anyway,Youtube is a great stage for audience participation to interact and share. In here, we can shows everything what we like.

Technological convergence

The technological dimension of convergence is the most readily understood, with the development of technology, smart phone, television, computers, and other digital devices, billions of people are now able to access media content that was once tied to specific communications media.

In the past, we use the phone to call each other, it will not received immediately, television could just watch several black and white film,  radio and other entertainment medium had to be played on a specific device. Video displayed on a television through some type of video player, music came through a tape deck or Compact Disc (CD) player, and video games were played through a console of some sort. Now we can easy use these devices to look everything. Especially mobile phone, check breaking news, play games, calling, take notes ,watch videos, do anything you like.

The internet connect all of them through technology devices . Virtually all entertainment technologies, from radio and television to books and games, can be viewed and played online.All of these different types of media have become digitised and made more readily available than ever before.(Media convergence)

In conclusion, in this global world, the technological convergence makes people more accessible and comfortable to use it. While in daily life has become indispensable.

Online resource
What I found online is a networked society blog, covering a wide range of fields. Not only does it refer to the connections between persons and world changes, but also it provides a large deal of information about industry, technology and business .etc

There are plenty of articles that are closely related to the certain major, such as an archive named TV/media, which includes some contents like ‘the new engine of competitive advantage’. In addition, numerous obvious tags I can find in this blog are available for us , for instance, Digital media (with 19 topics) and Social media(with 35 topics)

The networked society blog aims at discussing many significant events or emergences of the society. As we can see, there are vast individuals who have been a part of discussion, and newsletters increase at a rapid speed every week. Moreover, list of the most popular and latest posts with hot comments is placed at a conspicuous position, including:
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Personally, reading some posts and newsletter is beneficial for us to acquire more related information about media, as well as some links to more advanced articles.

Well, the presentation is very interesting, in particular, he used a funny joke to make our relax. The history of the internet, in many people’s mind, we use the Internet has been a long the late 1960s and early 1970s,a variety of communications protocols were also developed.

In times past, we received messages spend long time, the pace of life was slower then! Technology always follow the people’s needs and demands,improving and changing so fast. However, in modern society, it also have some problems with the internet. In the debate, we have argued about what do you think about the freedom of the internet.Well, actually most of western people they all feel freedom on the internet. They can do everything they like.

However, in China some software can not be used in this country, like face book ,twitter, youtube.. These are blocked. Because the government do not want people to look much more about the violence and sex, especially for children and teenager. It could be a kind of limited for those people who can not have the international communication.  I hope one day, it can be changed.