Copyrights well…

when I was young I used to think that copyrights was to protect the authors, now I change my mind about it, it’s just about money and the Capitalism world.

So copyrights give the creator exclusive rights for the work, for the use of it and the distribution. Well  if we think about capitalism is not that different concept, basically capitalism is an system based on private ownerships creating profit about it. So is really not that different is it? Capitalism depends of the copyrights, without that law would be impossible to the capitalism develop like it develop in the last 100 years. Maybe I’m getting to deep,but is not capitalism the way that controls you, because its manage by the people that haver the money, so we just see what the want us to see, is a away that control us and we don’t notice.

 In the ends it’s all about money, of you live in the world without money do you will need the copyrights? probably not.

Copyrights start as a way to protect the author but nowadays, is just another way to control the 99% of population.

Big Business, Copyright and the Artist.

Big Business, Copyright and the Artist.



  1. After reading your blog I thought about the points you made and I completely agree with you. I was as well thinking that copyrights are there to protect the author and his work, which seemed reasonable. However, when you look under the surface it comes to that, that it is all about controlling and making profits.

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