Bins of information

There’s a place on the internet that you can be a part of it, a place that you can add more information if you know about the subject, this place is a place that we all know about it and sometimes we don’t trust what is on that place, but in the end we all use it.

I’m talking about the Wikipedia, this is the place that get is reputation because of that, as a normal user of the Internet you can go there and add information.

In the beginning there was not a really a supervision of what people wrote in there, but now is more controlled and you can’t write whatever you want there, and you have to be a Wikipedia user to.

The truth is that they made the things difficult for people to post something, making that way more trustful for the readers, but everyone still can put facts, of course you can’t write your own opinion in that is not a blog, but a information website.

Is incredible  that all most of the information on the Wikipedia is for other person like you, just write something, present the facts and is in one of the most used online encyclopaedia.

Wikipedia is like a bin full of information, using it you find a lot of information that is not trustworthy but in the middle of that you find some good references.


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