Final post!

The module network society and the media expands on various interesting topics such as convergence, the transformation of news ect. One of the topics i really enjoyed was the networked self and ideas of community. This specific week was interesting to me as it gave  strong insight on how we portray ourselves online in regards to what online community we are a part of. This topic easily relates to regulation and social media and also privacy and surveillance. How private are we? Who sees what we post? Privacy and regulation and social media link as it is referencing to social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat ect. as us as users put content out there, regulations on social media are more relatable to this generation as we are revolved around the internet. Social media has become an essential part of peoples everyday life.

Internet memes and remix cultures was also an intriguing topic as it requires the audiences participation on what is trending and what is ‘popular’ in the internet world. Memes can be viral meaning that they spread rather quickly and become sort of famous. The convergence topic links really well with internet memes as Esteves & Meikle said it is the form and practise of storytelling, artefacts of remix culture. In conclusion the internet is a vast space of unimaginable content, it is so useful and relevant to everyone.




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