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Network Society and the Media was a really interesting topic for me as I explored every angle of media and how we perceive it.

What I enjoyed was that all the post topics were related somehow, and that the previous posts could be something to keep in mind when writing the next one. One topic of this module that i enjoyed the most was “Online Visibility.” I found it fascinating how people visibility is different to other people and the way the moderate what they put on the internet. It really made me think about how one post on Facebook could affect your future career for instance.

The way “Online Communities” and “Online Visibility” links pretty well. By having platforms to express ourselves like YouTube and Facebook, it does fall into the online visibility category and what we post very much affects how other people see ourselves online too. The way we reserve ourself online and can almost become keyboard warriors is almost frightening but funny at the same time. Something id like to look into more is convergence and the research into that.





  1. I think you make a valid point with how online communities and online visibility. The fact that you have mentioned how if you post something online you need to have visibility to an extent to reach people, mainly when thinking about YouTube. With online visibility, it does make you think whether people realise what they post online can reach a number of people that they do not know but then you could say it helps gaining a part in an online community by being visible online.


  2. I think you made a fare point saying how every topic we discussed did end up being linked to the others. I enjoyed the “online visibility” week as well, because made me reflect and think about how sometimes we do not care about our privacy that much, or how maybe our privacy is only an utopia and we gave it up long time ago, when we sign up the first “terms and conditions” none of us ever read. In this module we looked a lot on the “bad side” of the internet and how it makes us slaves of our phones or how it gives us a fake sense of freedom. But I think that we should look at the bright side and recognize all the amazing opportunities interned supplied to us, such as online communities and the chance of keeping in touch so easy.

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  3. i like how you have linked online visibility a lot with YouTube and the community. Although when making a YouTube video you can control what the audience sees, by having a vlog for example you are opening up yourself and your privacy to negative comments and harassment. i think that school children today really need to be taught about online safety before being given a smartphone or let loose on a computer. the internet is so vast that we never know what risk is round the corner.

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