Final Post

For my final post I was able to reflect most about how I feel about privacy and how much is shared through the internet. I am actually grateful for it. With recent events like the Brussels and Paris attacks I realized that the instant connection really lets us know right away what is happening and who was there are who is safe. Facebook can detect your location and will send you a notification asking if you are safe so you can share that with everyone. This is an amazing tool that is very helpful to many people. Also if we are constantly being tracked it is easy to find us in an emergency. People question whether it is worth it to give up a lot of our freedoms for safety. I think with the heightened risks we are facing now a days I feel like a lot of people are more willing to give up those freedoms. The negative side is that terrorism is all over the internet reaching mass audiences and gaining followers.

This is also an example of convergence because the media is now involved in national security. With recent events do you feel more likely to give up freedoms or less likely?


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  1. That’s really an interesting point you made about convergence and national security. With recent events that happened across Europe I personally think that I would rather give up my privacy for safety. Facebook introduced a very helpful tool and I was quite thankful when my friend from Brussels used it after the attack!


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