This Meme will be tweeted

It takes a lot for a minute of a lecture to make you keep thinking about it for the rest of the day; but that happened today in the last lecture. Seeing Twitter as not so vital to revolutions that are not happening in the Western world really opened my eyes about how we are completely alienated from what is happening in those situations, and that everyone should remember that a hashtag can help in bringing your favourite artist to your country for a concert, but certainly not to help a movement in a different time zone.


Even politicians seem to forget how out of place they can be. For instance, Matteo Salvini, member of the European Parliament, was about to take off from Brussels when the attack was happening. Once he had to stay he thought it was appropriate to share with everyone on Twitter pictures of him walking and showing his “concerned” face in the city. He took advantage of the situation, bringing up a comparison with the state of the Italian underground in front of one of the tube entrances that were closed in Brussels.


Memes were made, and him on the phone was photoshopped into historical pictures, classic movies and paintings.




This use of content is what defines Twitter more than pretending to save the world. But, as we have seen from this module, you can have another opinion.


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