Final Post


I found most of the subjects in this module quite interesting and meaningful, I liked how throughout the module every subject seemed to link and create constant conversation in seminars/blog posts. The two subjects in which I found most interesting was audience participation and visibility online, I feel like these were the subjects that I seemed to engage more in and have a wide range of opinions about. With visibility I stated that personally it’s something I don’t worry too much about, I see it as how much you’re visible online and how much access to information there is about you online. You can choose to limit the information or you can choose to share, becoming more visible. Obviously there’s a limit and some information about yourself you want to be kept private but when you’re trying to build an audience and trying to place yourself into a certain online community, being able to learn about someone and understand where someone’s come from allows you to communicate on a more personal level with others participating in the same community.

When you start to worry about what information about yourself is being leaked or shared this is when you start to change your online appearance/personality.You restrict yourself to what you can say and also question yourself about things, often mediating or slightly alternating yourselves true identity. I don’t believe you should get to caught up in worrying and focus on expressing and sharing what you believe in or what you’re creating to, like I said, find an online community fitting to you (if you’re like me trying to push your artwork) it also means there’s a higher chance in potential collaborations.

Convergence is another strong subject which has influenced and also widened peoples visibility online, the more apps and sites you sign up to, the more your their is about you and even through things you post can tell something about you to someone else and lead a certain impression. Weather that impression represents your true self is questionable.


ITunes and Music Licensing

ITunes, a software developed and launched by Apple in 2001. The main uses of ITunes is to organise various types of media on apple products (MacBook, IPhone, IPad), allowing users to also purchase music, films, book or podcast for a small fee. Popular for its high marketing of music, like any music distribution programme it has a creative commons copyright license and this can sometimes bring restrictions creatively, often affecting the music industry. Although having tight copyright restrictions means that the work of artists are protected and others can’t use work to create revenue, it does mean that certain chances of the keeping one’s work alive and popular for longer is restricted. This goes for not only musicians but also authors and directors although sometimes It doesn’t, I feel like copyright is a more important restriction/aspect for newer creative who aren’t necessarily that well known yet and are still trying to find themselves in the industry. It can often be easy to use a track from an unknown artists for, lets say, a short film because no one’s going to be familiar with it, unless effort to look carefully at credits is made. Whereas with more popular artists and songs…people know and companies are aware of the content. This enables them to quickly identify and sort out any form of copyright issues by either removing a film, removing the song or charging you with a fine. For example if I made a show reel and used Sweet lovin by Sigala without permission or any credit and it become a popular video, it would be easily removed with a chance of receiving a big fine. No to compare this, if I used a track that i just found randomly with no real following/viewing and decided to use that, then I guarantee the same actions wouldn’t be made as quickly or at all by anyone other then the artists.

ITunes can be seen as a safe place for music where the artists are aware that their work is licensed and is not just given out for free there’s a fee, unlike some other music apps such as sound cloud.


Visibility is something I feel we feel like we can control however their is only limited amount of say in it ones something’s up, it easy for anyone to look someone up and find out a lot of information about one’s personality, traits and what they get up to. Personally I feel if I didn’t want to be as visible online then I could easy decrease this and make it harder for people to find information about me, but I choose not to. Someone could easily find out what I look like, what i’m into, where i’m from and on selective sites how old I am and what city I’m currently living in. I choose to share this information, for example on instagram because it’s a platform a platform which can gain potential clients and collaborations, I also find myself interacting with filmmakers/dancers from across the world- all sharing the same information as I am.They do this because it makes you feel more connected on a personal level and helps you understand someone easier. I am often wary of what personal information I put out on the internet/social media apps however I never find myself worrying. Personal it’s just something that I don’t think about a lot, i’m aware of what I reveal and I know if something needs to be removed… I never let it stop me from posting something I want to post/share. Social media is something I interact with everyday and participate with on a regular basis, I use instagram, snapchat, facebook and youtube all  in a way to connect with friends, communities and also to set a platform. A platform to share, share my photography, films, creations and dance, I see it as an tool which allows me to connect and expand the audience of my work and for people potentially want to work with me.

Do you think about your visibility a lot ?

Audience Participation


There are many ways in which Vimeo try and incorporate the audiences on their website, you can like most sites comment, like, share, save other people’s content but the thing that adds to this is the opportunity to enter challenges and nominate videos to be featured on the Staff Picks account. Each week vimeo sets out a challenge to create a certain type of themed video to be in the chance of winning some special prizes. These challenges aren’t only shared through the vimeo staff accounts however through various popular accounts and creatives using Vimeo.By doing so alows them to reach out to broader audiences therfore increasing the competition and building more of a community, when certain people share the challanges you have their fans who could feel like its their time to shine and their chance to share what they love with, potentialy a bigger audience.

Do you feel by doing competition and challenges is a good way to incorporate the audiences and provide more filmmakers the chance to share on the next level?

Do you see this as audience participation or not?

Being interactive.


For me a good online community is where anyone can get involved, share, discuss, raise awareness, participate creatively in their own individual way. Sites such as vimeo or youtube I see to be a relatively good platform to share and voice opinion through video, the benefit to create and connect interactively brings a more personal meaning to any subject.The communities made up within the sites are endless, whatever your looking for, if it be an opinion, facts, inspiration or ideas it’s their. As a user your able to dig deeper into research and also reach out to other users emotionally through video and I beleive when something has had time put in to it becomes more respectable…Do you agree?

With any online community the sites have their limitations and challenges, being so popular and free to use can mean often coming across untrustworthy information and questionable facts. In addition, there are also the options to report, dislike and comment.If someone doesn’t like your videos it can be spoke of causing unwanted discussions and removal of content.

Media Convergence, Why?

For this blog post topic, I have decided to look into and discuss the convergence of media and why the collaborations of mega companies are being made.Why are companies such as Microsoft and NBC, Puma and Adidas, Mercedes Benz and Facebook, Microsoft and toyota or Reebok and Marvel coming together when all they used to have was rivalry? Well their are many reason why rivals or companies from to different ends have combined.By doing so will mean increase in visibility of each company/organization creating a much broader public audience. Not only creating visibility for these organizations but always increasing their own reliability and credibility. It’s an advertising technique which has brought these competitors together and made them realize the true capabilities of working alongside one another.The potential of increase in profit, promotion and consumers is tremendous, a technique/offer not to be denied.As mentioned in Co Business, ‘On-deck information and entertainment applications have major market potential for the future; thus, automobile companies are working intensely to innovate in this area’(Teresa Turiera & Susanna 53, 2013).It has certainly proved to have worked in the past however, how much is enough? Will companies continue to consistently converge and with in time just be seen as an individual organization, therefore defeating the reasoning of partnership. Will everyone eventually just be working together as one in hope of more profit, effectively starting again creating a whole new look at advertisement, What are your thoughts on this? 


(Teresa Turiera & Susanna Cros. pg:53, 2013)

Seochat – Trust In Sites.

As media students, we are always trying to find articles, books, videos or images to help us with research weather it be for essays, blogs or just in attempt to expand an idea/theory. I came across a website called seochat, a website containing various articles and links to books relating to certain media subjects, threads and discussions about problems occurring everyday on social media sites. I feel this website can be very useful when trying to find various opinions on subject matters, relating to media society and networking when a lot of what you’re looking for is in one place.As an example, here is an article I found after searching media effects on today’s society :

After searching what I did, I was provided with various options with the top being most relevant and so on. The article that I selected contained a lot of interesting points, solutions and related articles on similar topics.Topics which could also be useful in further research. Although this website seemed to provide a lot of access to certain articles from authors with various perspectives/backgrounds. Do you have trust for similar sites like Seochat, where information can be selective, or is this something that wouldn’t bother you when there is the amount of resources there is available?  also would you say using sites like this is being lazy with your research?