Being interactive.


For me a good online community is where anyone can get involved, share, discuss, raise awareness, participate creatively in their own individual way. Sites such as vimeo or youtube I see to be a relatively good platform to share and voice opinion through video, the benefit to create and connect interactively brings a more personal meaning to any subject.The communities made up within the sites are endless, whatever your looking for, if it be an opinion, facts, inspiration or ideas it’s their. As a user your able to dig deeper into research and also reach out to other users emotionally through video and I beleive when something has had time put in to it becomes more respectable…Do you agree?

With any online community the sites have their limitations and challenges, being so popular and free to use can mean often coming across untrustworthy information and questionable facts. In addition, there are also the options to report, dislike and comment.If someone doesn’t like your videos it can be spoke of causing unwanted discussions and removal of content.



  1. YouTube and Vimeo in particular are such great platforms in terms of positive interacting and having a sense of community. For example, Vimeo have staff picks, in which the staff choose what content has been shared and what they think deserves recognition from Vimeo itself and others on the platform. I think that’s such a wonderful way of bringing people together as a visual community. To input to your question, obviously the more time spent on a piece for example you can see very clearly the commitment thats been put into it, but i think it depends on what the content is that makes it respectable.


  2. I have limited experience on Vimeo so I can’t really comment on that, but YouTube is a great community. It is so quick and easy to give and receive feedback and find things out.

    I think that it is a really valid point that people tend to knock YouTube as a trustworthy source because anyone can upload stuff there. If you just have a quick double check some really interesting helpful pieces of information can be found on YouTube that can really be used to the viewers benefit. YouTube as well for me is great as a sense of community because you can not only learn straight off it but you can also showcase what you have learned on it.


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