Seochat – Trust In Sites.

As media students, we are always trying to find articles, books, videos or images to help us with research weather it be for essays, blogs or just in attempt to expand an idea/theory. I came across a website called seochat, a website containing various articles and links to books relating to certain media subjects, threads and discussions about problems occurring everyday on social media sites. I feel this website can be very useful when trying to find various opinions on subject matters, relating to media society and networking when a lot of what you’re looking for is in one place.As an example, here is an article I found after searching media effects on today’s society :

After searching what I did, I was provided with various options with the top being most relevant and so on. The article that I selected contained a lot of interesting points, solutions and related articles on similar topics.Topics which could also be useful in further research. Although this website seemed to provide a lot of access to certain articles from authors with various perspectives/backgrounds. Do you have trust for similar sites like Seochat, where information can be selective, or is this something that wouldn’t bother you when there is the amount of resources there is available?  also would you say using sites like this is being lazy with your research?




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