Audience Participation


There are many ways in which Vimeo try and incorporate the audiences on their website, you can like most sites comment, like, share, save other people’s content but the thing that adds to this is the opportunity to enter challenges and nominate videos to be featured on the Staff Picks account. Each week vimeo sets out a challenge to create a certain type of themed video to be in the chance of winning some special prizes. These challenges aren’t only shared through the vimeo staff accounts however through various popular accounts and creatives using Vimeo.By doing so alows them to reach out to broader audiences therfore increasing the competition and building more of a community, when certain people share the challanges you have their fans who could feel like its their time to shine and their chance to share what they love with, potentialy a bigger audience.

Do you feel by doing competition and challenges is a good way to incorporate the audiences and provide more filmmakers the chance to share on the next level?

Do you see this as audience participation or not?


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