ITunes and Music Licensing

ITunes, a software developed and launched by Apple in 2001. The main uses of ITunes is to organise various types of media on apple products (MacBook, IPhone, IPad), allowing users to also purchase music, films, book or podcast for a small fee. Popular for its high marketing of music, like any music distribution programme it has a creative commons copyright license and this can sometimes bring restrictions creatively, often affecting the music industry. Although having tight copyright restrictions means that the work of artists are protected and others can’t use work to create revenue, it does mean that certain chances of the keeping one’s work alive and popular for longer is restricted. This goes for not only musicians but also authors and directors although sometimes It doesn’t, I feel like copyright is a more important restriction/aspect for newer creative who aren’t necessarily that well known yet and are still trying to find themselves in the industry. It can often be easy to use a track from an unknown artists for, lets say, a short film because no one’s going to be familiar with it, unless effort to look carefully at credits is made. Whereas with more popular artists and songs…people know and companies are aware of the content. This enables them to quickly identify and sort out any form of copyright issues by either removing a film, removing the song or charging you with a fine. For example if I made a show reel and used Sweet lovin by Sigala without permission or any credit and it become a popular video, it would be easily removed with a chance of receiving a big fine. No to compare this, if I used a track that i just found randomly with no real following/viewing and decided to use that, then I guarantee the same actions wouldn’t be made as quickly or at all by anyone other then the artists.

ITunes can be seen as a safe place for music where the artists are aware that their work is licensed and is not just given out for free there’s a fee, unlike some other music apps such as sound cloud.


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  1. I like the points you have mentioned about using tracks on showreels, i agree that well known songs get attention from copyrights much more quicker. Mentioning soundcloud is interesting as i am a soundcloud user. Songs can be taken without the artists permission, although soundcloud is a platform for upcoming artists with mixtapes and whatnot, it doesn’t get the recognition it would have if it was on iTunes, great post!


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