Media Convergence, Why?

For this blog post topic, I have decided to look into and discuss the convergence of media and why the collaborations of mega companies are being made.Why are companies such as Microsoft and NBC, Puma and Adidas, Mercedes Benz and Facebook, Microsoft and toyota or Reebok and Marvel coming together when all they used to have was rivalry? Well their are many reason why rivals or companies from to different ends have combined.By doing so will mean increase in visibility of each company/organization creating a much broader public audience. Not only creating visibility for these organizations but always increasing their own reliability and credibility. It’s an advertising technique which has brought these competitors together and made them realize the true capabilities of working alongside one another.The potential of increase in profit, promotion and consumers is tremendous, a technique/offer not to be denied.As mentioned in Co Business, ‘On-deck information and entertainment applications have major market potential for the future; thus, automobile companies are working intensely to innovate in this area’(Teresa Turiera & Susanna 53, 2013).It has certainly proved to have worked in the past however, how much is enough? Will companies continue to consistently converge and with in time just be seen as an individual organization, therefore defeating the reasoning of partnership. Will everyone eventually just be working together as one in hope of more profit, effectively starting again creating a whole new look at advertisement, What are your thoughts on this? 


(Teresa Turiera & Susanna Cros. pg:53, 2013)


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