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I found most of the subjects in this module quite interesting and meaningful, I liked how throughout the module every subject seemed to link and create constant conversation in seminars/blog posts. The two subjects in which I found most interesting was audience participation and visibility online, I feel like these were the subjects that I seemed to engage more in and have a wide range of opinions about. With visibility I stated that personally it’s something I don’t worry too much about, I see it as how much you’re visible online and how much access to information there is about you online. You can choose to limit the information or you can choose to share, becoming more visible. Obviously there’s a limit and some information about yourself you want to be kept private but when you’re trying to build an audience and trying to place yourself into a certain online community, being able to learn about someone and understand where someone’s come from allows you to communicate on a more personal level with others participating in the same community.

When you start to worry about what information about yourself is being leaked or shared this is when you start to change your online appearance/personality.You restrict yourself to what you can say and also question yourself about things, often mediating or slightly alternating yourselves true identity. I don’t believe you should get to caught up in worrying and focus on expressing and sharing what you believe in or what you’re creating to, like I said, find an online community fitting to you (if you’re like me trying to push your artwork) it also means there’s a higher chance in potential collaborations.

Convergence is another strong subject which has influenced and also widened peoples visibility online, the more apps and sites you sign up to, the more your their is about you and even through things you post can tell something about you to someone else and lead a certain impression. Weather that impression represents your true self is questionable.


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  1. I really like your point about not worrying about your online visibility. There is a point everyone currently online has given away the majority of those details. For me this is just our ‘payment’ for the internet, accept it and move on is what I say. However, as you say, there are certain things you might not want to put online, so it is down to the user to find that line between information to share and private information.


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