Internet memes

Personally I found this module very interesting. I discovered many new things and had the opportunity to participate in various discussion, hear other peoples’ opinions and see things from a different angle. We took a journey from the beginning of the internet and learned about how it developed and it influences our every day lives.

The most interesting topic from this module for me was the Internet memes. It all began with Richard Dawkin in 1974 and his book The Selfish Gene. He described a new type of transmission device, one that allows cultural evolution and calls it a Meme. With the development of the internet and social networks a new type of internet communication was created. We are all more or less a part of the Internet meme community. We participate, we share them and even create them. The most fascinating thing for me is that Internet memes are on of the first cultural objects that fully depend upon the medium of the internet.

Memes are not only humorous pictures. They raise some important questions about copyrights, a topic we also discussed in our seminars. Finally, memes are a pat of the convergence culture. They are the product of merging of the old and new media.



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  1. I was surprised to “study” about meme’s in a class no less, meme’s have become so common now-a-day’s, everyone watches them everyday, it has some content of humour and some sense of relatable-ness. For e.g. when you see one meme and you say that is so true, or i have experienced that before. Therefore it leads to your sharing on social media platforms, and thus spreading like wild fire. Even my Facebook and Instagram feed are filled with them. Finally i agree with you, meme’s are a part of convergence culture While processes of cultural selection are ancient, digital media allow us to trace the spread and evolution of memes in unprecedented ways.


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