The Final Post

Network Society and the Media has really opened my eyes, as to what makes up the industry in the 21st century. I’m glad that I have been able to take advantage of this module as I feel that without this knowledge, working in the media sector would be challenging due to communication.

The privacy of people online and in real life is a topic in which I find the most interesting. I am intrigued with what others can see and what they use this information for. I was lucky enough to have presented for this weeks presentation, which allowed me to scratch beneath the surface to find out more about this subject. It’s interesting, because even now and after the hours of research that I have put in, I still remain on the fence, as to whether the government and special forces should be able to use our information to enforce certain laws and regulations – but I guess, if you haven’t done anything wrong, then theres nothing really to worry about?

I discussed in brief, during my presentation, about mobile phone offloading. This is when a mobile company offers free wi-fi in a public place, but sells your information, habits and location to third party companies. You could argue that this is in return for free wi-fi, but in most cases the land owners will pay for these services to be placed in the facility.

This fits in nicely with the topic “Online Visibility”. It is all dependant on how visible you are online, as to what information third parties are able to gather about you. If certain social media accounts are locked down, then they will find it hard to track habits etc. But mark my word, they will still find a way.

Overall, I think that the module was useful and although some lectures were not one hundred percent relevant to my degree (Radio Production), i found them interesting. My saying is, you can’t know to much!


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  1. Great post Tommy, although I agree with you on the fact sometimes our course, Radio Production, wasn’t as relevant in some lectures, they still helped add to our knowledge of media theory. I also discussed how much power the government has and what they can do with it regarding personal identity and online content. I agree that it can sometimes be daunting and scary but it also serves a purpose of protection at times as well.


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