Visibility is something I feel we feel like we can control however their is only limited amount of say in it ones something’s up, it easy for anyone to look someone up and find out a lot of information about one’s personality, traits and what they get up to. Personally I feel if I didn’t want to be as visible online then I could easy decrease this and make it harder for people to find information about me, but I choose not to. Someone could easily find out what I look like, what i’m into, where i’m from and on selective sites how old I am and what city I’m currently living in. I choose to share this information, for example on instagram because it’s a platform a platform which can gain potential clients and collaborations, I also find myself interacting with filmmakers/dancers from across the world- all sharing the same information as I am.They do this because it makes you feel more connected on a personal level and helps you understand someone easier. I am often wary of what personal information I put out on the internet/social media apps however I never find myself worrying. Personal it’s just something that I don’t think about a lot, i’m aware of what I reveal and I know if something needs to be removed… I never let it stop me from posting something I want to post/share. Social media is something I interact with everyday and participate with on a regular basis, I use instagram, snapchat, facebook and youtube all  in a way to connect with friends, communities and also to set a platform. A platform to share, share my photography, films, creations and dance, I see it as an tool which allows me to connect and expand the audience of my work and for people potentially want to work with me.

Do you think about your visibility a lot ?


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