It was all a dream!

I have a dream of free world, a world that I’m free on the internet,a world where I’m not being control or persuade, a world that I can share my work but not in the capitalism way, a world that I can trust in the newspapers, a world that I’m not being supervise for every search that I do.

I have the idea that I’m not the only one ( at least I hope I’m not). In this module we learn a lot about how the things work and we wake up from our numb state, I talk by my point of view, but I was not aware of the fake freedom that we have, the illusion of choice this things that happens in the media.

I was so in to it, agree with things that I didn’t read, giving access to all my privacy and I didn’t notice, that was terrible, because the time they get your privacy, is the time they can control you.

That was the scariest thing that I ever realise, not controlling my life. That was the time that I wake up of that dream that the life was beautiful, and I start to get septic.

It’s a shame but it was all a dream.Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset


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