We are in a multimedia world, that all the information we have today is just a “click” away.

I found this really good blog, don’t  just talk about the subjects that we learn, but also other interesting subjects, as political economy, software, marketing, small businesses and a lot more

The name of the blog is Stuff I think and is the co-founder of BuildZoom Jiyan Wei, it starts his career in a small PR agency, where he built products to monitor and analyse online activity for a large number of corporations, he has a lot of articles in Magazines as Visibility Magazine, Search Engine Watch, and a lot more.

This is really a good blog, the information is easy top find, and for us media students theres a part in the menu, it cals mediapedia and there all the information that fulfilled our needs, but theres a lot of usual information all over the blog.

I chose this blog because he is really interesting person, that knows how to write and put the subjects in a easy way to understand, putting the resources there to what is amazing, as so the other subjects are cool if you want to know about it.



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  1. This is such a good source, well done for finding it. I like how its actually come from one guy instead of a generic faceless website, makes it more interesting to read this guys thoughts and see his analysis of different aspects of the media.

    Lots of content in the Medipedia section, and his about section is full of cited sources that he said made his writing better so is probably worth taking a look at those as well.


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