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Will you survive without a smartphone?

I know is a “cliche” talk, but a smartphone is a tool of now a days work, we need it for everything that we do, from the basics things ( as alarm) to really specific things ( the london stock exchanges).

Now a days we using a smartphone for everything, we can do stuff on the phone that 15 years ago we need another gadgets for that, like a camera to film, one to take pictures, one MP3 to listen music, an agenda, lots of things. This is the ultimate convergence, it puts everything together in your hand.

Now this is a good thing? I don’t know , it seems that we depend in one gadget to do a lot o things , that in the 90’s we can do it without, I’m talking about normal things like getting up , now a days most of the people need the phone to wake up, literally if the phone is dead the alarm doesn’t go on an people don’t wake up.

The smartphones are the convergence , you can’t live without one,almost everything you need it’s in there ( it doesn’t give money yet).

I just write this post in my smartphone, this is the best example. So I wouldn’t survive without one.Latest smartphone development cartoon



  1. Interesting point. I find it funny sometimes that we are the generation that likes to be proud of our ‘freedom’ of expression, freedom from ‘the system’ and then one can just take our phones away for us top freak out.
    I really like the title of your post, very ironic and critical. Truth is, in most places in the world a smartphone might cost months – years, in some cases – of a person’s salary. And I am not even talking about extreme cases. Yet, we are all here complaining that it is unbelievable that we don’t have internet in the tube because being without it for 15 minutes is too much.

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  2. I agree completely. We’ve become attached to our phones. We use them every day. But then you also put across the point that everything we need is on it!! Quite often our generation get labelled as dumb due to the fact we’re on our phones but we can be using it to discover new things. An example of this was last week when I was at the V&A museum and a man walked up to a group of kids who were on their phones and told them off for not appreciating their surroundings. For all he knew they could’ve been researching further into what they’ve seen at the museum. That may not be the case but we have the opportunity to do so. Although we use them each day and seem like we can’t live without them, smartphones have become essential for our everyday lives.

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