Can I be invisible?

The online visibility is something that you make, you can be invisible if you don’t have an online life, is not my case, but I know people that is really unlikely to find something about them online.

Not all my information is out there, of course i have social media, but you don’t find my Facebook on google, but you will find my Linkedin.

I don’t have all my information out there, because I was not born in a digital era, for example, my childhood is most of it in files, in a basic school, in the hospital, in the scouts, things that happened there is going to be almost impossible for you to know anything about, even if you are the best hacker in the world most of this files are in paper.

In this new era this is Impossible, because since someone borns all the information is digital, all the medic records, school records, where you live, where you vote, all that stuff are in the internet, with your full name I can get access to that, and not talking about Facebook post our twitter, that it’s possible to see what you been up to in the past years.

Now a days you can’t be invisible, but you can make it harder to find you or your things on the internet, for example, having different names on twitter or Facebook, don’t use the same mail accounts, and other examples, to sharing your world with the people that you want.

So no I can’t be invisible but there are people that can, I have a challenge for you people, try to find my mom or/and my dad, the name is Ana Paula Tavares Pereira and António Braima Baldé, and here are photos from them.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


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  1. The point that you made about how we can now make it harder for people to find information online by creating accounts with different names but it still doesn’t mean that you are invisible online, is an important point to be made. Many people will have a twitter or tumblr account under a different name but what many won’t probably realise is that it doesn’t mean your information isn’t still online, you still have information that is accessed from that account just not under your usual name. But I do think this point shows how you can’t always trust people and some information online as they don’t want people to know their information or even their name when they use a different username online.


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