Final Post

I think all of those that what we are analysis  come from the internet, without internet we got nothing, in modern society, every information connect to the net, the Internet has made it easy for people to communicate with others because it is cheap and convenient and is also easily to sharing information with each other.

So i would like to analysis more about the online communicates, now we have many communication tools.Richard Branson says: “if you do something, let people know.” The Internet is no longer just a place of content. It is the latest technological breakthrough in communication following the telegraph and the telephone. Internet users are able to communicate with each other from all around the world instantaneously. With the necessary tools, users can share photos, send virtual birthday and Christmas cards and develop better relationships with family and friends.

Internet is a wonderful stage to show yourself, or even just a chat tools, indeed, it is very useful.Although some  network hackers cheat customer information to do something bad, can not hide the network brings more benefits to human.If we If we pay more attention to the privacy of personal Internet , it will be endless benefits.


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