Final Post

For my final blog post I would like to say that all the topics that we have talked about, in this module connect and add on to each other. However the most interesting topic on this module I found to be the topic about convergence

In week 3 we talked about examples of convergence. And how convergence affects our lives in a positive or a negative way. We can see signs of convergence almost everywhere in our everyday lives. For example, let’s say we see a meme, that has been created using a video and a separate music for the background. That would be convergence between image and sound. This sort of convergence is used possibly to make the ‘meme’ funnier and more relatable.

Another example of convergence would be the most basic one: news that we get online. Our generation usually gets their fix of news on our smartphones, tablets, laptops and etc. Not so much from a physical newspaper. There has been a lot controversy how media convergence changed news paper and print industry. And does it mean that newspaper industry is slowly dying? In my opinion I don’t think that newspaper industry is going to dye just because of media convergence, of course now there’s more demand for online news sources. That just means that newspapers are taking on a new form of news displaying, not going extinct.



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  1. I personally think that the print industry regarding newspapers is eventually going to die. As you said it is going to take on a new form which is online. People are more and more shifting towards online newspapers, even the older generations. It is much more convenient and you get instant news. For instance, with the recent event in Brussels, I was updating my news app every half an hour to see has there been anything new (I’m sure I’m not the only one). However, with print newspapers I would have to wait until the evening or even next day to get the information.


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