Are we free?



During this module we had the chance to travel in time from the beginning of the internet, of this new era, until today where we take for granted our phones, our data and our privacy.

We discussed lots of topics and we explored the hidden faces of all of them, but I have find fascinating how one particular question kept jumping out during our seminars: are we really free on the interent? Do we really feel free to post what we want? To do the researches that we want without being watched or controlled?

And in every seminar we always started from a “Yes, we are free” point to end up realizing that no, we are not free. That governments control us. That nothing is left to fate. That even the smallest advertisement on our Facebook feed is there for a reason. We are free to be ourselves on the internet but at the same time internet keeps showing us what it thinks we should see, what we think we are interested in, without giving us much choices.

That is why I think that the concept of freedom is linked to every topic we discussed, so to the module itself, highlighting how our critical thinking can help us to take a step back and look at the internet and at social networks in particular under a different light.


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