Final post

The thing I find most interesting about this module is in fact how all of the individual subjects link together. It is this that made the module as a whole so intriguing.

This is especially evident when we look at a topic such as ‘the transformation of the news’ (week 4) as this can be linked with many of the other topics. For example, we can link it to ‘Convergence and media industries’ (week 3) as the news is something that is particularly affected by the convergence of different online platforms. For example, most of our news now comes from apps on our phones; not many people actually go out and buy newspapers anymore. By looking at convergence the week before when we looked at the transformation of the news it enabled students to look at a larger picture, not just as the news as a separate thing.

Furthermore, even the very first topic of ‘The internet then and now’ links with a verity of other topics in the module, which, in turn allow us to have a more rounded understanding of how society combines elements of each topic in ever day life.

This can be seen in ‘the networked self and ideas of community’ (week 5) in which we looked at how the Internet is transforming our communities and our sense of self, which gave an overall view of what effect the new network society is having on our general lives.

All in all, the topics fluidity with one another is what made the module so interesting; although the separate topics are interesting individually, when we link them with other topics we can see what effect they truly have



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