Final Post

From my perspectives, the most interesting thing of this module is how it linked all the subjects together and the contents of each week undoubtedly came out so well and far more fascinating than I expected. The topics are provocative and well-structured every week.

Week 2 “Understanding Technology”covers some points that linked to week 5 “Privacy and Surveillance”, which I deeply keen on the social privacy nowadays. Because not many people realised that their personal data is being recorded, stored and tracked, it would be better if we raised more interesting stories, not just theories, that actually happened to analyse around privacy rights invasion by Facebook, third party surveillance…

Besides, convergence in the media concepts also relates a lot with week 9 “Memes and remix cultures”. Thanks to the converged media industry, new “trendy” concepts are established that show how rapid our culture and society adapt to the digital era and develop in every direction. Combining with the topic “Internet Then And Now”, we can understand the transformation of Internet, how it converge and create remix cultures. All topics linked together logically, which enables us to have a solid knowledge and different aspects of network, society and media.

The subjects took us to a larger picture of media landscape by looking at in-depth theoretical analysis but still highlighted intriguing, thought-provoking points.





  1. I like how you connected Privacy and Surveillance with Understanding Technology. For me this is interesting because the people who are in charge of placing any laws over the internet or technology are the Government, but do they understand how it works? Probably not, so that is why no one can regulate the internet. We still haven’t found out it’s true capabilities.

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  2. Absolutely agree, they set out the rules, terms and but still unable to regulate the Internet and seriously, who read and care the terms and conditions? Internet laws are made to regulate users, yet, we can still see many pornographics, terrorism, hacking and selling inappropriate stuffs online snd those pages are still not taken down. So can we trust the law and they way it regulate us?


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