The final post

In my final post I’d like to think about how all of the subjects over the past semester link together rather than just one subject. One of my favorite links is between week 3 (Convergence) and week 4 (Transformation of The News). When you look at the transformation of the news, all that is going on is the idea of news is converging with new technologies to keep it current. Without convergence, the transformation of the news would not have happened.


Week 5’s Networked Self also links with week 6’s Privacy and Surveillance. If we weren’t being watched online with surveillance, would we still feel the need to change our sense of self online?  I also feel like week 9’s Meme’s and Remix culture is very relevant to week 5’s Networked self. This is because of the part that Memes in particular have played in people defining themselves online. With the library of Memes (Emoji’s and Gifs also) so large, it is easier to communicate via these mediums, therefore creating your personality online through the mold of these remix cultures. This all the time is effecting your sense of self.

However the links don’t end there. Convergence again has hit remix culture. In fact, remix almost means the same thing as converging! The idea of images, (the basis of memes) was then converged with the idea of text to create memes. Then in turn memes converged with moving picture to create gifs. The same has happened to emoji’s. Even some Emoji’s are now animated. meaning that there is yet more convergence going on there!

All of these ideas link together forming picture of how the internet works. That may sound like a nice sentence to wrap the whole thing up, but there are still a whole load of grey areas that are waiting for us to colour in.


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