Are music artists greedy?

Like any other person, I would love to get things in life for free – the saying “I wish money would grow on trees” works quite well here, because if people had endless amounts of cash, then the music industry wouldn’t care about what they earned (meaning they would be doing it for the love or to become recognised) and I (the consumer) wouldn’t mind spending to enjoy their music or content.

Greedy2Let’s leave the fantasy world behind for a moment, and look at the reality of the music industry and whether or not artists in this particular sector are greedy.

The shift from purchasing physical albums and singles in the shop, to online, has allowed for easier and quicker access to music, via streaming platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify. These types of services offer unlimited access to their music database for a monthly or yearly charge. In my opinion, I think this is a fantastic way of working, because before these businesses came to the market, people were downloading music illegally. I am not saying that this has eliminated this illegal activity, but it has certainly decreased because I think people accept the concept as fair, as apposed to purchasing individual tracks from the likes of iTunes for a set fee.


But are artists becoming greedy with copyright? The likes of Taylor Swift and other artists do not allow for their music to be streamed on services such as Spotify as they claim that the percentage of the sale is to low. Taylor Swift states “I am not spending hours and hours on producing my work to be paid pittance – it’s my job.” Taylor Swift won a recent battle with Apple Music – meaning that artists would be paid for streams during the three month free trial, when consumers initially signed up. In my opinion, I think Taylor was right to fight the artists back on this occasion, but I do think that there needs to be a happy medium.

What do you think about the greed of music artists?


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  1. In an ideal world, artists would be allowed the freedom to distribute their work how they want, where they want, and for how much they want, but unfortunately as the music industry is still figuring out how to stay alive now that many no longer feel the need to buy products, that just isn’t’ the case right now. Perhaps when more people have come on board with streaming and are paying for it there might be some leeway, but for now, it looks like it’s Spotify’s way or the highway.


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