Who doesn’t love a freebie?

Are there any loop holes though within this copyright legislation. There are a wide array of video and music content streaming services, the government try to cast a wide net across the web in order to monitor content however this is difficult to do. We live in hard economic times so when the option is given to us many opt for the free streaming even though we know in some cases the sites we are using are breaking copyright laws. I would argue that pirate content providers will always find a way to make their content accessible and, over the years the kind of content being uploaded to these pirate sites has improved now in high quality and in some cases on par with subscription services such as Netflix. By just typing the movie of preference into google within a few clicks you can be streaming it in HD so why pay £5.99 a month.

This isn’t just with streaming music and video this goes for software programmes too, many pirate sites offer free downloads of software that would normally cost the user hundreds of pounds. Even though we as media students should know the importance of making money within the industry, some still use free pirate sites over using subscription ones. Are we the ones showing little consideration for content providers as we like getting things for free so show little moral consideration?



  1. It is an interesting fought that it is just one viscous circle of us not paying for things but then struggling to make a living because our content is never payed for. Although I feel like the problem begins because these things are too expensive to begin with. If things were cheaper to start with there would not be a need for students (who can’t afford those things) to be trying everything to get a free copy of something.


  2. Personally, when it comes to music I like to buy the albums from iTunes in order to support the artist and also because I will always have that album on my phone. If you purchase and album you are going to listen to it not only once. However, when it comes to movies and series I do not want to pay a subscription and I use different sites to watch it for free. At the end, I do not want to watch a movie 10x.

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    • But is this not outdated? When I was young, I loved buying an album each week. Instead of pocket money it would be my “allowance”. But now, I wouldn’t dream of buying an artists album from iTunes or the show, because I know that I can get the tracks I want from the likes of Spotify or iTunes. In my opinion, it is the job for the streaming site and the artists to work out a happy balance for payment. Why should this affect how we consume? At least I am not downloading illegally.


  3. I would argue that although piracy is not a good thing, it is not feasible to stop it completely. There will always be people who go around and break the rules, but I think in this case it’s positive because it allows more people to be exposed to the works, and hopefully pay for more services.


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