The not so world wide web

Content copyright laws do not allow for all media that is posted on the internet to be shared world wide, despite being an intentionally world wide platform.


This has always baffled and frustrated me. Basically all video content rights are negotiated for one territorial region at a time, this is the reason why we cannot access american Netflix (which has a lot more and better content) from the UK unless we used a VPN (virtual private network) service that directs the internet traffic and tricks the system into thinking you are watching within the specified region. we are even sometimes restricted by region when watching content on YouTube.

I suppose there are some benefits to regional access limits, a reverse example would be that people outside of the UK who have not paid a TV license can access all of the free content and services on the BBC websites. That would be unfair, yes?

Copyright also is useful for protecting the consumer profits of intellectual property such as much and films. but we all ignore this anyway as it is so easy to download music for free, and so little moral consideration.

An easy way to get around all of these copyright barriers which are annoying for both owner and consumer, would be to set up a large scale streaming site similar to Spotify or Netflix that would contain all content available for free on the internet. Most of the audience I believe would pay the relatively incremental cost (£5 -£10 a month) for full easy access. that way everybody wins and copyright becomes less of a barrier and more of a way to make money easily. A massive communist style system perhaps would be the solution.

Would the world be a more advanced or intelligent place if all information way shared and distributed freely? Or would it have negative effects as there would be no money made/ no money invested back into supporting more content?


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