Swift & Adele vs. Free Music

Since we are allowed to listen to music online things changed fast for musicians and artists. If you like a song, nowadays it is quite easy to find it on YouTube and download it to put it into your iTunes library. In this way you will have a free song with not much effort, instead of buying the song on iTunes or the physical album at your local music store, if they still exists.

But some artists are no more agree with that and singers such as Taylor Swift or Adele changed the game to their favor. The two artists decided indeed to apply a really strict copyright policy on their songs that are available online only if purchased. Any of their songs if uploaded on YouTube are removed straight away for violation of copyright and they disagreed for being on the Apple Music three months free trial without being paid. Basically, if you want to listen to some other songs that are not “Shake it off” or “Hello” by the two singers, you need to buy a physical copy or access to your iTunes account and buy their music online.

A smart move from the singers that have the guarantee people won’t listen to their music for free, but I wonder if this is fair. In one hand it is fair, it is their job and they need to get paid, in the other hand I reckon they will earn money anyway even if their music is streamed online, so I wonder if this doesn’t change the meaning of producing music because you like it and your fans love you, and not because you just want more money into your back account.



  1. As I was reading through the posts I see that all the topic eventually revolves around money. Yes, we all know that artists need money to keep on with their work. But now I agree with you, I honestly don’t think it is a nice move from artists like these two who are absurdly famous to restrict access to their music. Ultimately, the bigger audience the more money they will have available for them, coming from sources other than subscriptions and purchasing. I find disrespectul to their fans, when one becomes such a famous and influential person, she should know and be aware that she will be exposed to this type of thing.
    Also, it is not good for their image. At least for me, I take Taylor Swift for a cheap and arrogant artist.


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