Spotify is one of the most popular online streaming service and it is a subscription based site. Although Spotify gives an option of a free trial, the Spotify premium gives access to much more features that gives the audience an easy and cheap option of exploring and streaming all different types of music. The free trial on Spotify however, is occasionally interrupted by adverts and limited to certain songs or playlists and not allowed to pick what you want unless you are on Premium.

Spotify has been causing controversy, a huge scandal in which pop star artist Taylor Swift pulled out all of her songs from Spotify as she feels that her music should be valued and that her music and albums should not be free to non-paying users. This clash resulted in Spotify unfortunately being hit with a lawsuit.

Artists generate money from Spotify as it has built a listening platform for music lovers, each paying their way into the world of music (unless you’re on the free trial). however if Taylor Swift or artists refuse to have their music on Spotify surely the internet has other ways to listen to it via apps like Spotify or illegally downloading. Illegal downloading, something everyone has done once or twice or maybe a million times, do we think about how we are harming artists’ sales on their albums?

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  1. Spotify is an interesting one, especially what you mention about the Taylor Swift issue. I feel like that is a publicity stunt just trying to get her name in the news. If she has a problem with Spotify, then why wouldn’t she have a problem with YouTube? Spotify is a great platform. It is great how they get people to go for the subscription. They make the interface so irritating that you feel like the tiny about of money a month the subscription is that you might as well pay it. And it’s worth it!

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  2. i think that as nation many are becoming selfish and greedy, its all about making money or saving it. i agree with James in regards to Taylor Swift, it was a publicity stunt to stop free content but also draw attention to her as an artist. Many artists don’t like content being given out for free eve though this means their content is more easily accessible building a bigger and stronger fan base for them. the question is though are we being tight-fisted with our money not wanting to pay for content or are content providers expecting fans to pay too much?

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  3. Spotify is a great platform, I use it all the time. It actually made me quit iTunes. In my view, the people behind Spotify are very clever and seem to have a great understanding of audience. First for the fact that is free – we do get ads every now and then and this reminds us where the revenue come from for them. Then we get the premium trial for free for a while, another clever move, for those who listen to music all the time, enjoying a playlist with no ads is wonderful. As students, we get half price, another point for spotify. They realised most of their audience is young and a hal-priced fee wouldn’t hurt so much in our pockets. To sum up, big fan of Spotify and its policies here.

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  4. Spotify or other tools such as AppleMusic made the free three months trial which I have find really interesting and useful. While Spotify asks you, once the three months are finished, if you want to pay, AppleMusic doesn’t ask and accredit a 10£ bill in your bank account. A big difference.
    If you don’t want to pay it offers the chance to listen to music using you internet data, which I find great as well, something that AppleMusic do not allow you to do.
    Speaking of harming artists’ careers, I think that Spotify is a good chance for new artists to get known and big artists earn money anyway so listening to their music online won’t harm them.


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