An example that I chose for this week is Netflix. You can not access Netflix unless you have paid for a subscription. What would happen if Netflix was shared with fewer restrictions under a Creative Commons licence?

If Netflix was free to use for everyone, they would not have the budget to create Netflix exclusive shows and pay for the rights of the Tv shows and movies. Therefore Netflix as a company, would not be able to make any profit or maybe exist at all.
Although some people would think that getting Netflix for free would be a great idea, it would not be beneficial for the company, therefore it is not beneficial for the viewers. If Netflix would be free it would not only destroy the company itself but affect the whole industry, because TV shows and movies that are put up, Netflix pays for the copyright, and if it was free for everybody to use, the film industry would suffer, because people would rather watch it for free than pay to go to the cinema.

In conclusion, personally I think Netflix has reasonable prices for the amount of Tv shows and movies we get, and by paying for it we are helping to keep the website alive, whilst also helping the industry.

Although maybe in a couple of years everybody is going to have access of streaming movies online for free?



  1. Online services like Netflix have more advantages than disadvantages when putting under restrictions. But at the same time, people would rather go with free stuffs than paying for subscription based services. Therefore, more piracy websites will show up with same media contents in good quality that might attract more users and violate he copyrights. Moreover, some people might borrow Netflix’s accounts from their friends or families, so they can watch it free.


  2. True, a platform like Netflix has created it’s own brand, and it has gained a lot of popularity amongst this generation. There are certain websites like popcorn time, etc which provide the same services like Netflix, but without cost. However, having experienced both the platforms, I have to appreciate the quality of movies on Netflix. If this service were to become free, users would be allowed to create and upload their own content which would put the company’s name in jeopardy and the brand would loose its credibility.


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