HBO is a premium television service that users must pay for in order to access the content. The content on HBO consists of mainly original television series and theatrically released motion pictures. Some of HBO’s well-known series include Game of Thrones, Girls, and The Wire. HBO Go is HBO’s online platform available in America where users can watch all content on their computers, phones, laptops, etc.

HBO-Go-png.pngIf HBO were to be made more available by having a creative commons license, there would be many advantages and disadvantages. Obviously more people would have access to the content, thus spreading HBO’s brand.

But I think the content would suffer drastically. One of the reason that HBO has been able to produce such stellar content is because as a pay-only service, they can really put time and money into shows that may seem a bit out there and risky to invest in at first. With cable, these shows would not be given enough of a chance to really flourish due to financial burdens. But HBO can take more time and money to really produce exceptional programs. Also, since HBO is not on regular cable, it is not subject to the same rules and regulations as cable programs. This means that HBO has more freedom to make programs that are shocking and “out there.”

So if HBO and HBO Go were available to everyone, the programs would not be as good and the whole draw of HBO would start to fade. For this reason, I think it is good that HBO continue to remain a premium service with strict copyright laws.


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  1. Great blog post, interesting how you mentioned that you think the content of HBO would suffer drastically if under the creative commons license. Interesting how finance plays a big part in all of these blog posts including yours specifically, they really thrive on using money to create content, so if it was more widely available and wasn’t a pay only service, the quality could drop. Some good points made!


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