Foreign Affairs online magazine

I would like to share here an online magazine ‘Foreign Affairs’.  As the name suggests, it regards international politics and macroeconimics. Free access to the content is limited to three articles per month, after this point you need to pay a subscription otherwise you can read just the beginning of the articles.

Perhaps because foreign affairs interest me a lot, but I find their work very valuable and relevant considering what we read on more mainstream media. The writers very often shine the light to different perspectives to an issue. In their page, we cannot find news properly in the shape we are used to. They focus on writing features, profiles, backgrounders and explainers so the reader is able not only to follow international news but also reflect about it and understand. Particularly, I think understading and empathy is what is lacking from both journalists and readers when producing and digesting foreign affairs news.

It is a shame that the magazine is not on the creative commons, nevertheless, it is understandable. When we talk about independent media, funding can be a big problem. The writers probably spend a lot of time doing their research – maybe travelling as well – for then be able to write the pieces that are usually long. Also, we should consider that when we are purchasing a subscription for a product like this, we expect that the magazine does not ‘sell’ itself to advertisers (at least, in an ideal world) and therefore can be committed to the true public role of journalism.



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