Copyright is one of the main types of intellectual property. It acknowledges a persons’ work and allows them to own the rights for things they create in the same way that we own something physical (a house, car, etc.)

An example that I find interesting is watching series/movies on Netflix versus websites such as WatchSeries, Putlocker and so on. In order to use Netflix, you have to pay a monthly subscription and in contrary Netflix owns the rights to the content that it streams. Therefore, it sells the content to you. Although the subscription is not expensive at all, I personally prefer to watch my series online on websites such as WatchSeries. I do not watch TV often and if I find something interesting that I would like to see, I do not want to have to pay a whole subscription just in order to see a couple of episodes. I know that this might be wrong and maybe not completely ‘legal’.

In general, those websites are a big issue and some of them were blocked by providers such as Sky, BT, TalkTalk etc. because of enabling copyright infringement.


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