Breaking the concerts barriers

We all know about how Taylor Swift took her songs off Spotify and the whole thing about the letter about Apple Music, but there is not much discussion about her removing videos from her latest tour made by her fans, who posted them online.


Some artists such as Linkin Park or Thirty Seconds to Mars use the website Vyrt to broadcast live some of their shows or private concerts, only visible by paying a subscription. Other artists release DVDs or specials about their tour after it’s over, which are not free of course.

If these videos would be available in HD for everyone, maybe some people would not go the the actual shows, also because of how expensive some of them can be. (Hello Beyoncé…)


I agree with who says that you need to know if an artist is good at singing live before investing money for a concert, but there are talk shows and award shows performances on their official You Tube channels that can be used for that.


Of course these videos won’t be dangerous for Taylor or Rihanna’s career, but “smaller” artists need their tour to keep sustaining themselves, so I think that services like Vyrt are needed to keep the “concert experience” intact.



  1. I think VyRT is platform which is going to become more popular over the next few years as many people now at concerts film it and upload it to YouTube. However I believe when an artist wants the video of their concert to be taken down is due to the element of surprise for fans that are still yet to go to the concert. However with Taylor Swift, it was her recent 1989 tour videos that were taken down, videos from her previous tours can still be viewed. Money for artists is made through touring and that is also another reason why artists don’t want their concert to be viewed online. As you have said it is important for new and up and coming artist that people attend their concert as that is where they will make the most money now.


  2. i think the points that you brought up within this post make for a though provoking and interesting read. i believe its hard for artists and their record labels to find the correct balance. Many of their fans want to see live content as some may never have chance to see them live however this is a business. i agree with the point you made how this would not effect large artists such as Taylor Swift however it could be argued that in some cases artists become greedy expecting more and more money. VYRT i believe will become more and more popular in upcoming years but i believe also that other platforms like this one will be introduced, and become a large part of sharing live gig content.


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