I think that Netflix is a great example of content that can’t be accessed unless the user pays for a monthly subscription, therefore is under copyright restrictions.

Netflix is an on-demand provider of hundreds of popular television shows and movies that you can stream. With TV, you have to wait for your show to air – or you may have to record it if you know you’ll miss it – but with Netflix, you’re able watch your favourite shows and movies anytime, anywhere. A basic monthly subscription to Netflix costs £5.99 per month. This allows you to watch unlimited amount of movies/shows at anytime, anywhere.

If Netflix was shared with the public under the Creative Commons Licence, we probably wouldn’t have it anymore… The reason why users need to pay for the subscription is that the money is spend towards getting new movies/shows, updating the website, making sure every movie is put into the right category and improving the navigation system of the website. Without that money, the company wouldn’t be able to do that and we wouldn’t have access to all that content. Lets say for instance that Netflix became available to everyone for free, the only way that could happen is through advertisements. Currently, there isn’t any advertising on Netflix which we all love, because none likes annoying adds going off, right when the most interesting part of the movie is happening! Im sure we all would be very disappointed if we had to have adverts on Netflix! Conclusion, Netflix should stay under copyright licence!

However, us users (specially teenagers) don’t like to pay for things and there comes a way to ‘break the rules’. Although to be able to access Netflix you need to pay, I know so many people that just use their friend’s or family’s account. If one person is paying the £6, there might be 10 more people that use that account… I guess those are the disadvantages of Copyright protections… the fact that you want it but you can’t have it encourages you to break the rules and still get it your way… reason why there are so many pirated movies all over the internet.



  1. I can’t agree more with you that Netflix would disappear if they were put under CC license, for sure. If the media contents are available free on the Internet, this will affect the whole media industry including film industry, broadcast industry…why do have to pay for TV license, DVDs, cinemas when everything is free online? Also, if Netflix managed to survive, definitely low quality, limited media contents and full of ads poping up during the shows.

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    • Yes, I totally agree with you on this, can you imagine the adverts that would be on Netflix? and other similar platforms. But would this really be a problem? I personally wouldn’t mind clicking the ‘X’ button on a couple of popups. I am up for supporting the industry but maybe there are other ways?


  2. I would also agree that Netflix wouldn’t exactly disappear, I feel that it wouldn’t be as popular as a pay into service, it would just be a standard content service. It would affect the whole way Netflix works though as they make their many in that little loophole of producing content for consumers who pay for it. They would have to re think their company though as they couldn’t produce content in a way that they do. Good blog post through I enjoyed some of the comments made

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  3. You’ve covered each aspect about how good Netflix is and what consequences there would be if it were to become free for everyone. I feel as if you’ve thought about this thoroughly. I particularly like the point you raised about how people get around not paying for Netflix by sharing their account with other people.

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    • Yeah, I thought the only way the company could survive and get funds to update their content would be from the income of advertisements if people dont pay for the subscription, but having adverts would be very annoying. And also, the fact that people share their account is making the company lose a lot of potential customers which might affect us consumers in the future if they put any restrictions towards who uses each account.


  4. I totally agree with you and the image you gave describing how Netflix would it be if it was free. Something amazing about Netflix, not considering the HD quality that many other streaming sites do not offer, is the absence of adverting which is particularly favorited by other streaming sites that overuse to keep the site free. I personally think that for the kind of service Netflix offers 5£ every month is not excessively expensive and it worths spending this small amount.


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