Copyright – PR Week

An example of a piece of content that comes to mind when it comes to having access to it online unless you have paid for it is PR Week. PR Week is a site which is useful for my course and luckily for us the university has a subscription fee to it meaning we can access all the content on the website.  The PR Week subscription includes the essential mix of breaking news, industry views and an in-depth analysis which is available whenever you need it. It provides the must up to date information which includes an expert analysis, industry profiles and investigations and the latest career information within the industry. It also covers in depth features from business issues to everyday life in the comms industry.

PR Week would still exist if there wasn’t a subscription or under the creative common license but the quality of the content would not be what is now. If there were fewer restrictions on the subscription, meaning that you did not have to pay a subscription to PR Week, it would mean that there would not be as much in depth analysis and content that there is only. The reason for this is because people do not want to spend hours researching and providing information which is of value to companies and different industries to be taken used without their credit. People when doing a pitch for a client for example may try and take credit for someone’s work when taking about analysis within the pitch meaning the fact that there is a restriction means that only people who really want to know about news in public relations will want to pay for it as a opposed to just taking the information for themselves. People wouldn’t subscribe to the site just to steal the content on the site and use it as their own.

By people needing to subscribe to read certain parts of the site and having unlimited access it means that what they read can be seen as having more value as it is not free to everyone to have access to. People may appreciate the content on site more known that it is not free to everyone to look as they know that time has gone into what they reading to, in some cases, help understand what is happening in a certain industry or sector.





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