Copyright – Hulu

One form of online access to content is Hulu. This is an American online subscription company that offers currently airing shows, shows from the past and many movies available with subscription.

If Hulu was under the creative commons license there would be no need for a monthly subscription. What works with the subscription is that people are paying to see what they want on demand which is the beauty of online subscriptions. You pay for what you want. and under the license there wouldn’t be a need to pay monthly. Sites such as Flickr, Google, Wikipedia and many more use the creative commons license where are sites like Netflix and Hulu are under strict copyright licenses.

Unlike Netflix, Hulu base get most of their money from advertisements. I being an avid user of Hulu myself, there are quite a lot of adverts that understandably would make Netflix far more desirable. To the consumer they can very quite the hassle, but it does generate revenue which is then split from between networks and studios.

Having a strict copyright control basis could mean that no one would be able to view the content.



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  1. I see Hulu as something better than Netflix for what it comes to “real” television lovers, since the episodes are updated weekly and you don’t have to wait for the whole season to end (risking spoilers). I believe we need this kind of monthly subscription in order to recognise the work of great writers, like when Hulu itself helped The Mindy Project go on because FOX had cancelled it.
    I love that you talked about this service since it’s not as popular as others.


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