The resource I have chosen is NETFLIX. If NETFLIX was under creative commons and you did not need to pay for subscription, it would not exist. This is because the programs that are on there would not be put on their if it was free to access. This would mean for those productions that no one would pay for TV subscriptions or DVDs if it was free online. The NETFLIX subscription however works as you are paying on a monthly basis on the quite, making the user feel like it is free (at least very cheap). This works as it gives NETFLIX a large enough profit to buy the TV shows. This means that virtually all NETFLIX is, is a website that owns the rights to TV shows and sells the platform to people.

This also means that people would be forced to pay for it. Punters always go for the cheapest version. So why would you buy a DVD or pay a subscription if you could watch it for free anyway? If NETFLIX was free to use the TV and Film productions would not only loose money because none of the NETFLIX users are paying to watch their shows, but it would also make people less likely to go and spend money on their product else where.

If TV shows were under very strict copyright control then it would defeat the object of making them, because no one would be able to ever see them. This would rather obviously effect the industry. This therefore reinstates that NETFLIX, SKY, and Amazon Prime’s subscription model is very successful.


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  1. Netflix is a very popular site that can also be streamed on different platforms such as tablets and phones making it extremely easy to watch Netflix literally anywhere! i agree with your statement that it is incredibly cheap making people, like myself, drawn to the site to watch whatever i want, however many times i want, making Netflix successful.


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