The Intersection of Personal and Professional

As someone who eventually wants to work in the journalism industry, I find myself struggling with how to manage my social media accounts so that I can be myself but also put on an accurate representation for potential employers.

TheSadStateOfSocialMediaPrivacy-bannerOften, when applying for internships and jobs, they want to see if you have a social media presence. Because of this, I set some of my social media platforms to public so that anyone can see them. I have decided that when it comes to Twitter and Instagram, anyone is allowed access to all of my posts. I think that this is because on Twitter I use it much more professionally, for news and sports, so I think it would be helpful to those interested in my journalism. Instagram provides a look into my life while still managing to be appropriate and mature. I decided to set my Facebook to private due to the fact that what is shown on my wall is much more out of my control. People can tag me in posts and share things with me that I don’t necessarily agree with.

I also think that once I have a job, I will use my Twitter for it to promote some of my work, whereas I probably won’t do this on Facebook. For some reason I view Facebook as much more personal. I think that this article by Poynter sums up the issue that many journalists face when it comes to managing their social media profiles.



  1. I find the balance between sharing my authentic self online and my ‘professional’ self such a struggle. I’m not going to restrict myself from posting the things that I want, and I don’t think anybody should, but at the same time I don’t want potential employers or anybody who I may come into contact with on a professional level to be able to see posts about my personal life or just things that I want to post without being judged.

    For example, I dont even post the work that I create in my journalism classes onto my personal profile , I like to keep them separate and only publish them on my ‘professional’ Twitter account etc.

    I suppose I chose to have this segregation from both directions because I don’t want to be judged from either side, personal or professional. To me, both sided are authentic but they do not have to cohabit the same online space.


  2. I know for a fact that before being hired for a company, they do a trough background check, for example checking Facebook comments or status that show if you are actually sick or bunking, or minor details like weather you respect higher authority or pretend to. Hereafter, while working in the profession field, one has to look after their image online, so i wouldn’t exactly support the statement that internet gives a full freedom to do what we like, we are always bound by something.


  3. I can see why it would be hard to distance yourself from social media due to it being needed for your career path. It’s funny how not we kind of have to use social media platforms for what we want to do when we’re older. But i definitely feel the same about Facebook and having basically no control when its public. Good blog post!


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