I always considered myself as a “social network addicted”, which I think it is true. I think I have an account on every possible social network. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat,  Tumblr, Ask.fm, YouTube, and I am probably forgetting some. I personally love the internet and its social part, and with this module I am realizing how I am not really careful of my privacy online. My Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are completely privacy free, if you know my nickname you can easily find out my profiles around the social networks. My Facebook has more privacy but I tend to accept friendships if the person who is requesting it has mutual friends with me. And if you google my name/nickname it is easy to find images or my YouTube videos.

The truth is that I like sharing my life online, I like to take selfies and post them, I like to tweet stupid stuff and to see people agree with me about that particularly stupid thing. I guess that after a while you get used to sharing bits of your life online and I don’t really take care of my privacy because I guess I have nothing to hide, or I realized that if I have something to hide you won’t find it on my Facebook wall or my Instagram feed.

Therefore, unless you’re a creeper/crazy stalker you are welcome on my social network life.



  1. i like how you used the phrase ‘social media addict’ I think this term is increasingly being used especially within our generation. Older generations now label us as always being attached to our phones. we live differently so for them in feel it is hard for them to get their heads around. We are not just mindlessly scrolling we are communicating, messaging, answering emails and in some cases working something that is hard to understand for the older generations and i would say they will never understand fully.


  2. I used to be like you a few years ago, sharing and posting whatever I want on all social media platforms without considering consequences. At least you use your nickname, not real name and people will not know who you are. But things changed, strangers inbox to flirt, to say some rude things and more, so I am reluctant when using social network sites cause you might not know, someone out there may stalk you.


  3. You have a refreshing attitude towards the Internet and security, like you said if you had anything to hide it wouldn’t be on your profiles. In regards to having an account on almost every social networking site though, I just ask you whether there is any point? No person can keep all site simultaneously updated at once, so why is it you have so many?
    Personally I have a select few (the main ones) which serve me well and I can keep track of. I think I play the game differently to you however, i won’t often accept people or follow people back unless I really appreciate the content they post. If somebodies profile doesn’t benefit my feed I feel no need to have them on there.

    But maybe this is self censoring?


    • Wardwu, variety is the spice of life. If we were all the same the world would be so boring! I keep so many accounts of my social networks because every social network is different and I can do different things. I use Twitter to keep myself update with the TV shows I watch and the bands I listen to, and I share my thoughts with the online community I have on that social network. I have a YouTube channel because I like recording videos and edit them and people in my country want to see what I do in London. I have an ask.fm account because the same people who watch me on YouTube ask me questions and advices on how they can move in another country, and so on. Of course I don’t use my accounts all at the same way, but I find them really useful to keep in touch with people I have not the chance to see everyday and that want to see me and know me as well.


  4. I think this post represents how a lot of us feel about social media. There is a ton of talk about privacy and keeping up your image, but in reality I feel like many in our generation don’t care and think they’re online persona can be as public as possible. However, in the last part of your post you say, “unless you’re a creeper/crazy stalker you are welcome on my social network life.” But what if that is a very real possibility? What if someone was out to harm you? Sure, maybe everything on your Facebook or Instagram might be okay to you, but what if there was some post in there that someone could twist around to really make you look bad or get you in trouble? I guess that is my argument for more privacy, even though you might think you have nothing to hide.


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