Online Visiblity

For someone in my age range, I feel as if I have an average amount of information about me online, there is nothing particularly shocking or dramatic that anyone could find but there still are things out there.

For example, on instagram my account is set to private, meaning people have to request to follow me; not anyone can look at what I post, however this may be slightly redundant considering that when people request to follow me I accept almost all of them. One thing that comes to mind with instagram in particular when discussing online visibility is the geo tags that are often attached to pictures, meaning that you can see exactly were a certain photo was uploaded from. This is one of the more scary sides of online visibility.

Most of my visibility online comes from twitter; this is the only form of social media I have that anyone can follow me on, or look at what I am saying without following me. This is because my Twitter account is somewhat filtered as I know potential future employers may look at what I am tweeting, and as a journalism student, twitter is a great way to share news stories and network.

When talking about online visibility there are often may negative connotations, but being very visible online is not always a negative. Big companies, for example want a large online presence. With this in mind, I think online visibility is something that people should think more about because you can control a lot of it.



  1. I think you are doing the right thing with Twitter, since I am a journalism student as well and I feel like that’s what I should be doing instead of just using it for stuff not strictly related to news.
    I agree with keeping an Instagram account private if you are mostly posting pictures of yourself, because if not I see it as a way of showing your photography skills, from food to landscapes.


  2. I have find the Instagram location scary as well; at the beginning I didn’t know what it was for, after a while I realized that my home address or the places I go the most where perfectly shown on the map so I deactivated straight away. I also find interesting what you said about Twitter and the fact that as future journalists we should keep our feed clean and clear, something that I am not really doing since I use it more to “fangirl” about stuff, but I reckon I definitely need to create a new account to use more professionally in case I want to apply for a more serious job.


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