Online Visibilty

I like to feel like I’m not pretty visible online and it is hard to find my information. I don’t do this on purpose the accounts I use are public. However, there are many people out there who share the same name as me. A rising youtube star in particular. When you Google search my name every picture or information that comes up is hers. Im lost somewhere in there but it is difficult to dig me out.

The scary thing about online visibility is tagging your location. Every time you do that people will know where you are. If you have your location services on it is very easy for someone to track you down. I always hesitate when a website asks to use my location. I understand its to show me things near me but the concept is still creepy.

We are literally sharing our whole life online. People can see what we are eating and doing. They can also see where we are and how to find us. When do we draw the line? When do we stop sharing?



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  1. I think it is your personal choice if you want to share your life online or not. The websites/apps might ask you to share your location, however, you do not have to. My data might not be private and websites such as Facebook know when I’m born but I decide what is going to be posted and what not and also who can see it.


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